Top 5 searches

1. PVC membrane Single-layer PVC and TPO membranes with hot air weldability, reflectivity and fire resistance essential for waterproofing. Main usage in mechanically fixed roofs, loose lay and ballasted roofs, adhered roofs, cold roof constructions and in green roof systems.
2. CAD and DWG details CAD drawings, architectural details and designs about roof systems and buildings. Auto cad and dwg cad details about roofing, gutters, shingles, waterproofing, roofs, metal roofing, roofing materials, roof repair and so on using  EPDM, bitumen and PVC membranes.
3. bitumen membrane Modified single-ply bitumen membrane systems with advanced combined carrier layer for roof covering. Plus details about metal roofing, roofing materials, roof shingles flat roofs.
4. reservoir Geomembrane liners appear in the most traditional application area where water quality is an issue like safe storage of drinking water and other liquids, longterm holding ponds and reservoirs, state park lakes. Root resistant, UV resistant, flexible, resistant to climatic effects or changes of the water level...
5. basement leaks Once the construction has been completed, some of the soil was dug out of the hole when the foundation was dug is backfilled back in. Often, this is done very quickly and is backfilled with any stones and other debris that was present in the original soil.